Arrowhead Saddle Club

A family oriented horse club

Constitution of Arrowhead Saddle Club

 Revised Copy 2012

Article 1-Name & Colors

The name of this organization shall be “Arrowhead Saddle Club”. The club’s colors are to be blue denim jeans and shirt with red bandana. The colors must be worn when riding in all grand entries and all parades where the members ride as a club.

Article 2-Purpose

The purpose of this club shall be:
1. To bring together all horsemen and horse lovers of this community to promote sportsmanship and fellowship.
2. To promote interest in pleasure, parade and stock horses.
3. To promote interest in horsemanship for all ages.
4. To support activities where horsemanship is used, demonstrated or taught.
5. To maintain a suitable place for club horsemanship activities, shows and for use of other activity groups that this club supports.
6. Abuse of animals will not be tolerated on club grounds or at club activities.

Article 3-Members

1. Any man, woman or child is eligible for membership in this club who owns, rides a horse or who is interested in the sport and has been presented by a member in good standing and has been voted in by 2/3 vote—so long as they conduct themselves to insure the maximum of safety, when riding or in the area of horses.
2. Potential new members are to be voted on at the time of presentation of their names at the meeting.
3. Active and honorary members in good standings, shall have equal rights to hold office and/or represent the club as a delegate or an alternate.

Article 4-Officers

1. The officers shall be president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
2. At the regular meeting in January the club officers shall be elected from nominations made from the floor.
3. Vacancies in office shall be filled by an election at the next regular meeting (added 3/2012) following the notification of vacancy. Successor will fulfill the remaining time of the vacated officer position.
4. Three elected active members of the club along with the elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board of the club. The officers of the club shall also serve as officers of the board.
5. The board members shall be elected at the regular meeting in January to serve on the Executive Board. A total of three, one to serve three years, one to serve two years and one to serve one year. As their term of office ends, they shall be voted on at the regular January meeting (added 3/2012) and there after each board member to serve a three year term.

Article 5-Meeting

1. Unless otherwise ordered by the club members or the Executive Board the regular meeting shall be held on the fourth Wednesday of the month.
2. Starting time of the meeting shall be 7:00 PM during Standard time and 8:00 PM during Daylight Savings Time.
3. The regular meeting in January shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers and collecting dues.

Bylaws and Constitution of the Arrowhead Saddle Club

By-Laws Of The Arrowhead Saddle Club

Article 1- Elections
    Elections shall be by majority vote.  There shall be two votes per family.  All officers shall serve at least one year.  Their term of office shall begin at the first regular meeting after the election.

Article 2- Dues
1.     (changed 10/2008) The annual dues shall be $25.00 per family per year.  Family being unmarried children living at home and children in college or the military.  PAYABLE by the annual January meeting.
2.    Members whose dues are not paid before the February meeting will have a penalty of $5.00, making the dues $30.00.  The penalty will increase $5.00 each month up to June.  Members whose dues are not paid by the June meeting will lose their membership.
3.    Dues will not be prorated.
4.    (changed 9/2005)Dues collected from NEW memberships after September 30 will carry over to the following year.

Article 3-Duties of Officers

1.    The officers shall perform their duties as prescribed by this set of by-laws.
2.    The president shall preside at all meetings of the club and of the Executive Board.  He/She shall be the chief executive office of the club.
3.    The vice-president shall preside in the absence of the president and perform the duties pertaining to that office and to assist the president when requested to do so.
4.    The secretary shall keep a record of the proceeding of all meeting of the club and executive board.  He/She shall notify the officers of their election, and committees of their appointments.  He/She shall send out notices of special meeting and shall conduct such other correspondence as may be requested by the president.
5.    The treasurer shall receive all funds and deposit them in such a bank as may be authorized by the executive board.  All expenditures of the club shall be passed on before payment by the treasurer.  The treasurer shall close his or her books and turn them over to the auditing committee for his or her account to be audited by that committee.
6.    The executive board shall have general supervision of the club between meetings.  The president shall appoint all committees.  Meetings of the executive board shall be at the call of president or upon written request of three members of the board.  Three members of the board shall constitute a quorum.

Article 4-Committees

    The standing committees shall be Ways and Means, Programs, Grievance and Social.  And auditing committee consisting of the board members will audit the treasurer’s books at the end of the year and upon finding any discrepancy, will have an outside audit done by the CPA.

Article 5-Ammendments

    These By-Laws may be amended at the regular meeting of the club by a 2/3 majority vote, provided the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous meeting.

Article 6-Rules and Regulations

1.     Any person participating in a trail ride or show shall pay for their own transportation and furnish any other necessary accommodations.
2.    Any person participating in a trail ride or show is responsible for his guests.
3.    Any child under ten years of age, if not accompanied by a parent or guardian must have written permission to participate in a trail ride.
4.    Stallions may be ridden on trail rides, but must be kept under control AT ALL TIMES.
5.    Racing, if any, shall be conducted in a location away from the trail riding group or any group activity outside of the arena.