Arrowhead Saddle Club

A family oriented horse club

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How much are memberships?

Membership fees for the Arrowhead Saddle Club are $25.00 for the family.

2.  Do I have to join your club to participate in your events?

No!  Anyone is welcome to particpate in any of our events.  Who may want to join after you see how much fun you can have!

3.  Do I have to show my horse, or only ride western?

Absolutely not!  We have many members of varying levels of horsemanship.  Some of our members don't even ride horses...they come to watch others ride and participate in other ways.  We have members that show only, trail ride only, some members ride english style, and some do a little bit of everything!

4.  How do I know what is going on in your club?

That's easy - just keep checking our website, or contact one of our members!  The website is checked regularly and our members are friendly and want to help out!